Monday, October 19, 2009

Science Challenge Week #1

My science activity is the seasons activity found in Kidspiration. There are four boxes, one for each of the seasons, and students have to find images that correspond to each season and put them in their corresponding boxes. As a class you could use the writing view to write why you chose certain images for certain seasons (optional--most kids this age can't read or write yet anyway).

Kindergarten Standard 3
Students will develop an understanding of their environment.

Objective 1
Investigate changes in the seasons.
  1. Identify the seasons and represent each with pictures and songs.
  2. Observe and describe typical weather for each of the seasons.
Classifying images into categories (seasons). This is good for kindergarteners, who, for the most part, can't read. But they know how to read symbols and pictures. So classifying pictures into categories is great. The categories are even color coded: blue for winter, green for spring, yellow for summer, and orange for fall.

Kidspiration>Science Activities>Seasons. This is good to use because it is already set up in the program for the teacher, each students' page can be saved so that the teacher can check over them, and it's a very simple program so students won't get confused. Plus, kids love to use computers.

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